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Carry On - CD Album (2021)

Carry On - CD Album (2021)

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This is the sophomore album you've been waiting for! 'Carry On' from Hunted By Elephants is packed with rocking music to keep you bopping along. Take a listen and let the heavy-hitting riffs carry you away. Wherever you're going, be sure to Carry On!

Our sophomore album 'Carry On' was recorded in 2021 at Buffalo Studios, London. With 9 awesome tracks of pure Hunted By Elephants classic rock goodness.

Music and lyrics by Hunted By Elephants.

Recorded at Buffalo Studios, London mastered by Orgone Studios, Bedfordshire.

Track List:

  1. Let Me Be
  2. Carry On
  3. The Weapon
  4. Wiseman
  5. Ghost Song
  6. Keep On Giving Me Loving
  7. Electric
  8. Towards The Light
  9. Believe In Something
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