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Sestertius EP - Digital Tracks

Sestertius EP - Digital Tracks

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Sestertius is an evolution on the band's energetic, rock driven formula and is the body of work created during that evolution. Having wrapped up 2023 promoting and growing the band's influence, with a number of high-profile festival shows, Sestertius is releasing to an excited and active fanbase of festival-going fans. We feel the tracks fit our direction and development having mixed and mastering everything in house we have really meant into this sound and energy.

Music and lyrics by Hunted By Elephants.

Recorded in 2023 at Rockfield Studios, Wales. Mixing and Mastering by Alex Buttice.

The EP will be available to ship after 23/2/2023.

Track List:

  1. Living Free
  2. Down to the Wire
  3. Change (Remaster)
  4. Hazy Eyes (Remaster)
  5. Wasn't in Vain

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